Ewa Jendraszko values freedom of expressive form in art. Her paintings represent a multifaceted form of philosophical expression and reflection of the art of presence. Drawing inspiration from surrealist and ethnic art, as well as poetry and contemporary music, the artist combines abstract, figurative, and organic forms. Her works captivate the viewer with a distinct black-and-white convention and the vitality of surrealist shapes.

Jendraszko's paintings stand out with discreet elegance, emphasising the merits of painting. They embody the mystery of a mystical world intertwined with nostalgic contemplation. Mystical objects, strange figures with paranormal abilities, and unexplained phenomena interweave with geometric symbolism and dynamic expression in her paintings.

The artist's compositions feature diverse material, broken down into fine lattices of elements – points, lines, ambiguous forms – creating a world living to its rhythm, where joys, emotions, anxieties, and dramas overlay, akin to the daily search for meaning and harmony. They convey messages from the world of dreams, where specific objects and situations take on symbolic significance.

The sources of this art lie in an undiscovered reality, the artist's way of experiencing it. Jendraszko treats her painterly visions with due seriousness, transforming the realities of existence into a personal painterly language, lyrical forms described with black-and-white, and sometimes subtle coloured strokes. The refined artistic composition has value not only on a personal level but also in creating a new form of painting.

Jendraszko's creativity manifests opposition to the aesthetics of contemporary consumer culture assaulting the viewer with a cacophony of colours and trivial subjects. The artist's work is highly personal and intimate, yet not hermetically sealed – she aims to share her intentions with the viewer. Her paintings are multidimensional and mysterious.

Ewa Jendraszko's painting is a contemplation of life, self-discovery, and the revelation of hidden layers of reality. They are artistic representations of symbolic visions, where the viewer can find content that is close and universal, and even discover a piece of themselves.